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The Business Focus


Individuals concerned with managing
one’s own career successes in work.


Organisations, programs or practices that
assist employees in managing their careers.


We advocate organizational support and organizational commitment to career development of people with a disability. It is
good business to appreciate the value that employees with disabilities bring to the workplace. Workplace Vocations provides
services in the development, management and maintenance of disability-focused organisations to encourage diversity.

A career can be seen as a developmental process comprising of very different experiences and tasks in one or more workplace
environments. This developmental process may be managed by the individual as well as the organization. Career development
initiatives may be seen as a portfolio of career planning and management practices or as an integrative system for developing
people within organizations. While a career may be specific to an individual, it is very much influenced by organization. This is
because the organization will have internal career paths which too outline positions and the interrelationships between such
​positions, as well as required competencies for each position.


The gap between the educational attainment of people with and without disabilities is narrowing.


We are fluent in the language of business and understanding surrounding needs and motivations of employers.


We recognize the importance of strong, mutually beneficial relationships inclusive of people with a disability in the workplace.

Experience at Work

Rather than focusing narrowly on engagement and culture, many leading businesses aim to improve the employee experience as a whole, supported by a multitude of pulse feedback tools, wellness and fitness apps, and employee self-service technologies. The employee sees the picture differently. Employees expect not only a better-designed experience but new models of delivery. In a world where employees can manage much of their lives using a handful of technological devices, they expect every element of their employee experience, from work to development to rewards, to be accessible and communicated in a way that is effective and meaningful.

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Our Intention

We recognize that making a positive impact on employment outcomes is about more than helping people get jobs. It’s also about preparing them for long-term success as their professional goals and employment opportunities evolve over time. With a focus on motivation and guidance, we provide support for employers, employees, unemployed and industry. As a Change leader we aim to assist in research, design, implementation and improvement of workplace performance strategies at the individual, group and organisational levels of process and function. This includes interpretation, analysis, assistance and environment development to increase motivation and ensure career transition and success.

Our Duty

We equip organisations and people with the skills and systems needed for positive and meaningful employment contexts. This is
vital to business financial success, and it transforms the lives of individuals and families. That’s why at Workplace Vocations, our
mission is to build strong employment relationships which develop work environments conducive to retention contributing to
sustained employment. We serve employers, employees, unemployed and industry at every point of the journey, from school to the
workplace environment. For most education and training are a means to an end. Sustainable employment, however, for people
​experiencing a injury, health condition or disability you are the ultimate purpose.

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Technology and Resources

Clearly there can be no one size fits all approach to technology challenges. We develop key relationships with stakeholders to provide
strategic meaning for complex communication issues across business and meet the needs with technology investments leading to a
more improved and varied system learning environment. The disparity in the distribution of resources, population, infrastructure, services
and development are important considerations in addressing workforce participation and productivity. For some regions, barriers to
participation are a matter of supply rather than demand, coalescing around the related issues of low skills, disadvantage and youth
disengagement. Without encouragement of people with disability to gain education and professional development to career options,
the risks of perpetuating a cycle of exclusion are apparent. Over time our support for processes and users by information technology
will expand, providing efficient IT tools for the mapping, evaluation and controlling of career development structures and processes
within workforce development At the individual level such technology increases accuracy through data validation, but remains flexible
in reporting and inquiry and will go a long way to providing a solution to a number of problems. At the organisational level business
process model here would be to create more process-centered, customer-focused function that integrates management, people, process
and technology for both operational and strategic improvement.



We provide leadership toward development
of disability-focused organisations. With
strategic workforce development in mind,
employers will be provided with ​ethical
business ​planning, collaborative and
communication based technologies so
future oriented road maps can be

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We contribute to the design and
development of productive experiences
for people, while working closely with
subject matter in workplace training
contexts, to unlock learning which meets
and exceeds the expectations of innovation,
rigor, quality and learner engagement to
enable truly personalized and engaged
​lifelong learning.

Professional Development

Success in any work environment is dependent upon more than core academic knowledge or technical and occupational skills.
Many employers today also need critical thinkers, problem solvers and leaders to tackle the challenges in today’s workplace.
Employees with successful career paths learn to communicate effectively, engage appropriately with others and be self-reliant.
Effective career readiness and meaningful employment strategies are those that develop the whole learner and include personal
and social capabilities; critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as, the academic and occupational knowledge.

Workplace Vocations partners with registered and professional Vocational Education Training providers to ensure learners have
the 21st century skills they need for career transition. From formal education to on-the-job learning we assist in developing
workforce capability. With a process, capability documents and online tools to clarify work priorities, we discuss career aspirations,
and plan support and professional development. As part of this process, all employees are encouraged to identify opportunities for
building their capability at various stages of their careers - from aspiring to beginning, consolidating and transitioning to new roles.

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