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Developing Open & Collaborative Relationships at Work

For people with disabilities, as for anyone else, being able to get and retain work is not just about money. It is a key part of health
and well-being. Several studies on the nature of the work in this context serve to illuminate the complexity people in work environments
experience today. From particular perspectives many of these studies centered on particular types of disabilities, other studies focus on
particular roles within job development, such as education and training, work transition and family involvement. By focusing on particular
practice models for work development process, such as person-centered planning; customized employment or job–person match a sustainable outcome may be certainly achieved.

The Tension
Unemployment, underemployment and unstable employment for individuals with disabilities in Australia.

The Problem
Job tenure related to satisfaction (rather than satisfactoriness)

Our Focus
Vocation, Individual Development and Organisational Systems/Environments.

Our Philosophy
If employers in the community better understand the parameters of job involvement and support needs associated with a person
experiencing disability, only then can they begin the provision of a meaningful career. It is only through a strong understanding
of both that sustainable employment can be ensured with a lasting and meaningful career for employed people with a disability
and their employer.

Our Aims
1. Help businesses better understand environmental trends which may impact work, decisions, and success.
2. Help build powerful relationships with employers resulting in increasing and sustaining successful all-encompassing workplace cultures.
3. Help businesses understand the nature of disability to ensure that the right job is going to the right person to assist in the
   individual’s career development and ambitions.
4. Help businesses better understand and support the needs and interest of people in work and their particular experience of disability.

Our Mission
Build strong employer relationships which develop work environments conducive to retention contributing to sustained employment.

Our Vision
Provide services to assist in the development of disability-focused organizations.

Our Policies
Workplace Vocations policies and procedures can be found by clicking here.