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Code of Conduct

As a business dedicated to delivering a service to individuals, groups and organisation we voluntarily agree, and are committed, to 
observing the DES Code of Practice. This Code of Practice sets out the principles and standards that underpin the delivery of DES, 
and other related services, to increase employment outcomes and participation in economic activities in Australia, especially for 
disadvantaged client groups. 

1. We commit to working with our clients, employees, sub-contractors, and other providers to deliver quality services by: 

​​​a) Ensuring staff have the skills and experience they need to provide quality and culturally sensitive services to people, 
    business and the local community, 
b) Working in collaborative partnerships with stakeholders and communities to identify needs and how they can be met,
c) Behaving ethically and acting with honesty, due care and diligence,
d) Being open and accountable,
e) Avoiding any practice or activity, which a provider could reasonably foresee, that might bring the sector into disrepute,
f) Sensitively managing any information collected,

2. We commit to helping people, business and the local community around services relating to employment by: 

a) Meeting Service Guarantees, 
b) Tailoring assistance to the circumstances, skills, abilities and aspirations,
c) Using available funding (sponsorship/grant/donation) appropriately to support services,
d) Treating our service user fairly and with respect,
e) Providing a fair and accessible feedback process,

3. We commit to assisting organisations meet their skill and labour shortage needs by: 

a) Working with employers to identify job and industry specific training needs and how they can be met, 
b) Referring the most appropriately qualified and experienced people available,
c) Providing a timely response to employer inquiries, 

*The Australian Government supports Disability Employment Services in achieving these standards by: 
Evaluating and sharing best practice to enable continuous improvement in the delivery of services,
Providing a Customer Service Line, free call 1800 805 260, for people to raise any concerns or problems they have,
Also providing a Complaints Resolution and Referral Service, free call 1800 880 052, an independent complaints resolution 
services for people using Australian Government funded disability employment and advocacy services. 
Providing an Employer Hotline, free call 13 17 15, for businesses to access providers.