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Copyright Notice

Your rights to copy material from this website

Material on this website is copyright and is intended for your general use and information. Your use of copyright material is subject
to this copyright notice.

Who owns the copyright in material on this website?

Workplace Vocations owns copyright in most material on this website. However, copyright in some material on this website is owned by
other organisations and individuals. The appropriate copyright owner is credited in material throughout this website.

Copying material owned by us

You may use Open Source owned copyright material on this website, subject to this copyright notice.

Unless otherwise indicated you may copy, distribute, display, download or print Workplace Vocations owned material for your own
personal use, for non-commercial educational purposes or for non-commercial use within your organisation, provided that you include
the following acknowledgement: ‘Courtesy of Workplace Vocations’.

For any other use you must obtain permission, in writing, from Workplace Vocations. For example, to:

charge others for access to the material;
include the material in advertising or products for sale;
alter, adapt or modify the material; or

use the material in a context that may be perceived as affiliating subjects (including persons, groups or organisations) within the
material with others beyond the original context of the material,

You must obtain written permission, unless a copyright notice for that material allows otherwise. All other rights are reserved by
the Workplace Vocations.

Copying material not owned by us

This notice does not authorise you to copy material that is owned by someone other than the Workplace Vocations. Such material
will usually be identified as being sourced from a third party or by its own copyright notice. To obtain permission to use such material,
you must contact the copyright owner directly. If you are unsure who owns the copyright, you may contact Workplace Vocations

Please note that our site contains links to a wide variety of resources which do not belong to us. While we aim to provide links
which will be useful to users of the site, we cannot endorse these sites or guarantee the content of the linked resources.

Copyright of material in resources for schools

In addition to any rights provided under the Copyright Act 1968, any material expressly identified as resource
material (or resource kits) for schools may be copied, distributed, displayed, downloaded or printed for non-commercial
educational purposes.

We welcome use of these online materials by students and educators, with the acknowledgement: ‘Courtesy of Workplace Vocations’.

If you are unsure who owns the copyright in particular material, or wish to request permission to use material, please contact
​Workplace Vocations at: