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Diversity Policy

1 Definition

Diversity includes ethnicity and cultural background, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical abilities,
family status, religious beliefs, perspective and experience. It also refers to diverse ways of thinking and
working. Our approach to diversity encompasses the cross-section of people and difference that make up
our organisation and the wider community we serve.

2 Guiding Principles

For Workplace Vocations, diversity underpins an organisation’s desire to:
a) improve long-term performance,
b) optimize the human capital available to the organisation,
c) provide for broader perspectives at all levels of operation, management
    and administration in relation to decision-making,
d) develop the organisational structure to reflect the demographics of the community
    in which an organisation operates,
e) create a source of competitive advantage and benefit,

Workplace Vocations is committed to ensuring we have a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment
conducive to respect and substantive equality in the appointment of well-qualified employees, senior
management and leaders so that we can:
a) achieve our strategic goals,
b) maximise individual value,
c) promote processes within our organisation that will deliver long-term economic advantages
    to the organisation,

3 Measurable Objectives

Workplace Vocations has developed, implemented and will measure key initiatives, objectives and
measures to promote diversity in the organisation and support the aims of the Diversity Policy.
These will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Our objectives include:

a) gender equality in the governance of the organisation,
b) diversity of experience, thought and skill set in leadership roles,
c) gender pay equity,
d) supportive and flexible work practices,
e) fostering a culture conducive to respect and substantive equality,
f) providing practical guidance to organisations to assist them to develop diversity policies and
    implement measurable targets,

4 Accountability

The Policy Manager is responsible for developing the Policy, setting the measurable objectives and monitoring
progress against them. The Policy Manager has responsibility for oversight of these aspects of the Diversity Policy.
The achievement of those measurable objectives for which the Policy Manager is responsible are tied to key
performance indicators in the evaluation of the role. Policy Manager is responsible for ensuring that workplace
practices are in place to give effect to the Diversity Policy and to meet the measurable objectives developed.
Policy Manager is responsible for reporting to management on progress in achieving the measurable objectives set.
The achievement of those measurable objectives for which the Policy Manager is responsible are tied to key performance
indicators in the performance plan of the role. Our annual report will contain details of the measurable objectives set in
accordance with this Policy and our progress towards achieving them.

5 Compliance

Workplace Vocations will meet all obligations with respect to state and federal legislative and regulatory and reporting
requirements in relation to diversity and discrimination.

6 Commencement of Policy

This Policy will commence from 1st September 2018.

7 Application of Policy

This Policy applies to all employees of Workplace Vocations, and its work teams. This Policy does not form part of any
employee’s contract of employment.

8 Variations

Workplace Vocations reserves the right to vary, replace or terminate this Policy from time to time.

9 Definition of gender equality

Workplace Vocations, in referring to the use of the phrase ‘gender equality’, supports the meaning whereby people are
able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of whether they are a woman or a man.
This is supported, by the definitions used in the National Workplace Gender Equality Agency and the Federal Workplace
Gender Equality Act, 2012.