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Fundraiser for Software Development

Job Satisfaction: A Career Development Tool

I am writing on behalf of Workplace Vocations to ask for sponsorship of project
development costs, scheduled to commence late November 2018. The money raised
will assist me to establish, as well as develop and maintain, a career development tool 
which will assist people with a disability in our community better identify small to medium 
sized business working environments with limited barriers to employment. Your donation, 
through my Kickstarter fundraising page, will specifically assist career development for 
people with a disability in both open and closed labour markets. I sincerely hope you 
can ​participate in this meaningful event.

In order to encourage business and improve the quality of experience in our
workplaces, the money raised will be spent on development and maintenance costs,
equipment and volunteering task necessities to allow industry specific testing. This software, 
will advance the quality of job satisfaction and facilitate people with a disability maintain 
meaningful employment with better career focused decisions. The service broadens both 
business and individual prospects, while increasing opportunity and supporting a practical, and
workplace level, approach to career development opportunities. As the project develops
beyond November, we will have further activities, aids and equipment, apps and tools to 
assist and communicate information and knowledge to the community.

People at work with a disability seeking to advance in their jobs are fast
becoming a powerful group of consumers and your support will expose your
business to a wider range of support services. With the aim of building inclusive
workplaces which allow and facilitate personal and professional development for
a career, we ​all can thrive.


Kindest Regards,

James Hondros
General Manager
Workplace Vocations